The Opportunity

The Opportunity

The opportunities in this region are considerable; and as the market place has opened up over the past 4 years, increased levels of foreign and private investment have poured into Boyaca state, replacing government infrastructure funding.

This shift in the investment environment has created an enormous window of opportunity for international exploration companies. The Colombian emerald mining industry lacks infrastructure, expertise and organisation. Both mine owners and the Colombian government are actively seeking international investment and expertise to develop the assets.

This trend began in the gold mining sector, and now more recently has moved to the emerald business, the process of upgrading production and consolidating the emerald mining industry is gathering pace with several international companies already active in the region.

What was once a sector plagued with security issues is now very much open for business. Colombia benefits from a highly stable government and impressive GDP.

Under Colombian mining law, foreign individuals and corporations have the same rights as Colombian individuals and corporations, and Colombian governmental regulatory bodies are specifically prohibited from requiring any additional or different requirements than would be required of a Colombian individual or corporation.

By combining a mine position with an integrated marketing capability, we will be able to achieve higher trading margins for the emeralds. Which will enhance profitability in a strong market and defensive capability in a falling market.

Emerald mining had until 2013 been run by on man, Victor Caranza “The Emerald Tsar” abroad or “the old man” locally. Over the course of his nearly 70 year reign in the emerald business he amassed a fortune reputedly worth over a billion dollars. It is only since his death in 2013 that the emerald mining region has really been open for any type of outside investment.
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