Integrated Business

Integrated Business

The global gems and jewellery market are set to reach U$443 Billion by 2022. The coloured stone market is expected to account for 3% to 8% of this figure.

The international market deems Colombian stones to be the king of emeralds. They are the most highly prized for their classic, light bluish-green hue and vivid saturation, which is typical of the Muzo, Cunas, La Pita and Chivor mines.

The global coloured stone market is one of the last large unconsolidated markets, and individuals and small companies primarily conduct the trade, often family run.

Many stones change hands 5 – 10 times before they reach the shop window, each of these participants must make a margin making the process largely inefficient for the client. Hexa’s model involves capturing as many stages in the supply chain as possible while retaining robust trading margins.

One major factor that gives a Colombian emeralds a colour advantage over their rivals is the formation of iron pyrites in close proximity to the emerald vein which draws away iron elements that are mixed into the emerald formation in other locations leading to a less intense and brilliant green.

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