About Us

Ethical Mining

At Hexa Resources, we are committed to operating our business in a way that delivers lasting benefit to the local communities and the environment where we work, as well as to employees through enhancing health and safety.

We combine this through our HSEC (health, safety, environmental and community) programme and approach, which positions us to perform our Corporate and Social Responsibility properly.

We operate in a complex, interconnected world, and sometimes face many challenges during our daily operations. These can present both risk and opportunity for the Company.

We believe that our HSEC principles and controls help us manage these risks while targeting growth and development in our asset base.

By building and selective expansion of the mining asset base, and the resultant increase in emerald production, revenue and cash flows, we can not only deliver financial value for all shareholders who invest into the Company but also sustainably provide this with equal emphasis on HSEC and fulfilling our corporate and social responsibility.

“Hexa Resources is committed to a code of conduct within all areas of its operations; we place great importance on respect, integrity and accountability. Our code of conduct holds everyone at Hexa Resources and related companies to clear and strong, sustainable principles. As a UK Mining & Exploration Company, we understand that having a sustainable business is dependent on our ability to continuously improve the way we work, and how we can deliver long-term value to the communities and the environment that we interface with.”