About Us


We firmly believe in building a sustainable business, which is healthy and safe and aligned with the environment and the community. Which will be a crucial part of how we measure our success in this area of the business.

HEALTH AND SAFETY – We plan to refit the mines, and our work areas, to ensure they comply with International mining and best practice standards. Training will also be carried out to ensure employees are health and safety conscious.

WORKFORCE – We have committed to the principles of employment equality to achieve a fair, discrimination-free and productive, working environment. The Company will foster an organisational culture that encourages the appreciation of the diverse cultural backgrounds of its employees. Hexa will also provide improved levels of worker stability and motivation through fixing salaries, and profit share for its employees.

ENVIRONMENT – Colombian mining authority laws focus mainly on water, effluents, and location of waste tips. We will endeavour to ensure that we comply with the law and best practices in the disposal of water, and waste. We will be seeking to introduce (if commercially viable) green energy sources (e.g. solar) to the mines we work in, to reduce carbon emissions, and help create a cleaner environment. These sources will also assist with profitability.

COMMUNITY – Our Community Advisor is Ron Ringsrud, who has worked for many years in the Colombian emerald industry. He runs a charity called Clayhands which supports the local mining communities of Muzo/ Boyaca by building housing, and community infrastructure. We support Clayhands directly. Together with Clayhands, we have identified an abandoned brick factory near our new Coscuez licences. We intend to co-invest to re-start this factory, and then have it managed by the local community.

Modern Slavery and Anti-trafficking statement of commitment –
Hexa Resources has a zero-tolerance policy with regards to slavery, human trafficking and any similar abuses across our operations and supply chains. We are committed to a range of procedures introduced to mitigate the likelihood of such abuses occurring and will continue to make improvements to these procedures. Read More

“Hexa Resources is committed to a code of conduct within all areas of its operations; we place great importance on respect, integrity and accountability. Our code of conduct holds everyone at Hexa Resources and related companies to clear and strong, sustainable principles. As a UK Mining & Exploration Company, we understand that having a sustainable business is dependent on our ability to continuously improve the way we work, and how we can deliver long-term value to the communities and the environment that we interface with.”